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Chapter 11 – Equal Life Contract (II)



In the blink of an eye, Ye Yin Zhu felt as though his spiritual power had seemingly arrived in another world, the surroundings from before completely disappearing. He could feel only the presence of a dignified air. Without a doubt, this was the moon and star’s ancient power.

The surroundings were very bright, the sun, the moon, and the stars naturally emanating their radiance. Ye Yin Zhu, however, could only stare ahead at Zi.


“Start! Gate of the Contract! Release thy honorable glory and bless me, create an everlasting seal for this contract. The Earth has its limits. The ocean has an edge. The north wind wanders through a labyrinth. The signal fire ignites in a holy circle. Forever listen to this cherished desire. By means of each other’s blood, I, Zi, wish from now on to begin my life together with Ye Yin Zhu, sharing my life with him and helping each other – never changing.”

Zi’s eyes ignited, emitting two rays of light that penetrated deeply into Ye Yin Zhu’s heart. Yin Zhu clearly felt something like this before had happened to his mind, but Zi this time was even more profoundly engraved into his soul and memory. Imperceptibly, Zi’s body seemed to become incomparably gigantic, but at this moment, he also seemed blurred.

“Start! Gate of the Contract! Release thy honorable glory and bless me, create an everlasting seal for this contract. The Earth has its limits. The ocean has an edge. The north wind wanders through a labyrinth. The signal fire ignites in a holy circle. Forever listen to this cherished desire. By means of each other’s blood, I, Ye Yin Zhu, wish from now on to begin my life together with Zi, sharing my life with him and helping each other – never changing.”

Ye Yin Zhu’s body soared high into a milky white radiance, soft white lights mixing together with a violet light that brimmed with aggressiveness. The two lights intertwined and rose. The dignified air disappeared from sight. Regardless of whether it was Ye Yin Zhu or Zi, at this very moment they both clearly sensed each other, everything becoming very transparent. Ye Yin Zhu finally looked at Zi’s whole, but this whole was exceptionally vague. He could sense within Zi’s heart a former inexhaustible sadness and near insane wrath, all of the emotions profoundly branded deep into his heart.

A gigantic violet and white dichromatic light finally finished condensing into a magic Six-Point Star which appeared above their heads. Their bodies imperceptibly stuck together, slowly rotating as their spiritual power blended. Even the drawn blood subtly began to change. Ye Yin Zhu clearly sensed his body filling with a boundless power while Zi sensed his mind becoming increasingly clearer.

Actually, even Zi didn’t know that the Equal Life Contract was the highest level of contract. If agreed to and signed, not only could both parties summon each other, the split second the contract was completed, both of their abilities, when devoted to the other during selfless situations, complemented one another. Ye Yin Zhu received life energy and increased physical strength as a benefit. Zi received increased spiritual power and increased insightful thoughts. This didn’t just affect their own abilities, it layered over and improved them. Zi’s spiritual power improvement was not prominent, but Ye Yin Zhu’s Bamboo Dou Qi had a substantial physical strength increase. It quietly broke through to the Yellow Bamboo Second Rank at last, which was the Intermediate Level Green Rank according to the Rainbow Ranking System.

Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts

As Ferguson was the institution’s president, he lived alone in the center of the residential district within a tower-like house, having the optimal and most beautiful surroundings of the entire institution. Although this tower was far from being comparable to the Blue Dias Seven Pagoda, it still properly represented his status within the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts.

Now, Ferguson sat in a lounge on his balcony, basking in the warm sunshine. He leisurely looked to the side at his old friend’s enchanted personal letter.

Yi, what is this power? So strange.” Ferguson originally languid gaze suddenly sharpened. He turned over, rose, and looked toward the north. The faint white-violet streams of air in the sky circulated, lasting for no less than half a minute before gradually fading away.

Sensing the distant dou qi, Ferguson thought to himself, ‘Extremely powerful elemental wave that’s apparently not from an attack or defense. Could it be that a powerful magical beast was being born? No, wrong. That dou qi was very gentle and didn’t resemble a magical beast. It resembled a summoning or contract elemental wave. Looking at where that radiance was produced, it is clearly five kilometers away. I could sense the elemental dou qi from this distance, what kind of contract or summon is this?’

In fact, not much in Milan could interest Ferguson. Today the Divine Music division’s reliance on the Divine Celestial Protection, using Red Rank strength, to block a Yellow Rank Cry of the Water Dragon made him slightly interested. And now this white-violet elemental wave brought him greater temptation.

“Come out, my old friend Xhosa.” Above his right hand a large, violet stream of air effortlessly formed a violet magic Six-Point Star in the air. Then, a low growl full of pressure sounded out, and a large figure appeared from within the Six-Pointed Star.

That large figure was a huge Crimson Dragon. Crimson Dragon was a dragon race with only one member. Among the dragon races, however, the Crimson Dragon race was not the strongest. Nevertheless, it was still a genuine dragon, not a tamed dragon. A fully matured Crimson Dragon could reach rank 8, but there were some Crimson Dragons that even approached rank 9 in strength. Rank 8 Crimson Dragon’s fire magic combined with their melee ability made it impossible for an ordinary human with Violet Rank strength to handle.

Ferguson summoned this Crimson Dragon called Xhosa which exceeded 20 meters in height, clearly indicating that it was a fully mature Crimson Dragon. This Rank 8’s powerful pressure made some small animals within the forest surrounding the tower faint.

As he flapped wings that could create hurricanes, Xhosa lifted up his relatively small front claw to scratch his head and lay down with a bleary look. “Old friend, why did you summon me?” Being a beast that surpassed a rank 7 sentient magical beast, he had no issues with talking even though he wasn’t a rank 9 magical beast that could transform into a completely human form.

Ferguson smiled and said, “Xhosa, I apologize for bothering your sleep. I just discovered, however, a bizarre elemental wave and want you to take a look. You also know that I am a Spiritual mage and cannot use flying magic.”

Xhosa turned over and rolled his eyes, helpless in front of the tower. He turned around to show his own dragon bottom to Ferguson. “Climb on. In any case, I’ll give you the ride of your life.”

Ferguson mischievously laughed hehe with an ‘I have you now’ expression as he swayed and climbed onto Xhosa’s back. He climbed up all the way to sit at the neck, not worrying about how he might fall off. With Xhosa’s strength and build, even jumping off of him was a complicated matter.

Huge wings flapped, and in a burst of wind, the Crimson Dragon Xhosa’s huge body soared high into the air, a scorching stream of dou qi trailing behind him as he headed in the direction Ferguson pointed to.

A huge dragon flying swiftly upwards above the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts was not a novel affair, so only a few new students felt curious about this.

Traveling almost five kilometers on the dragon took just a dozen or so breaths of time. Recognizing the elemental wave’s origin, Ferguson made Xhosa descend.

After landing on the ground, Xhosa’s body trembled violently as a tremendous dragon power was suddenly released. A light blue blaze revolved around its huge body. The nearby forest roasted beneath it, the trees and plants yellowing and withering away.

“Xhosa, how are you?” Ferguson sensed his partner’s uneasiness.

The sleepiness in Xhosa’s eyes had been obliterated completely. The dragon’s eyes emitted sharp rays of light in all directions as it looked around. “This smells like a growth-type magical beast. Moreover, it’s a scent that’s makes me feel disgusted.”

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