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Chapter 19 – Power Shaking Heavy Cavalry (IV)



Without any excessive or complicated movements, Ye Yin Zhu jumped three meters straight up into the air and lifted his right knee, his body just clearing the lance. At this moment, the cavalryman’s brain was still blank, his spirit still vacant.

Boom—— The cavalryman’s heavy armor-clad chest suddenly crashed against Ye Yin Zhu’s right knee. The Earthbound Swift Dragon’s speed was completely converted into Ye Yin Zhu’s attack power. That two meters tall, heavy armor-clad large body flew away, unexpectedly crashing into the ground an extra ten meters outside the field in a flash.


His helmet traced an arc through the air, landing with a loud clang. A sizable indentation appeared on his heavy chest armor. The next moment, his body collapsed to the ground with a loud thud, blood forcing its way out of his mouth. This previously aggressive Dragon Cavalryman was now completely unconscious.

Without its master, the Earthbound Swift Dragon was brushed aside by Ye Yin Zhu. The previously powerful attack had merely sent Ye Yin Zhu flying backwards a couple of meters. In the sky, he softly turned and descended quietly to the ground.

Pin-drop silence prevailed among the ten thousand people gathered at the central training field. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, eyes wide, as they couldn’t believe everything that had just occurred.

From start to finish, Ye Yin Zhu had merely executed a few simple movements, but these simple movements had thoroughly dispatched the Dragon Cavalryman atop the Earthbound Swift Dragon.

A mage had used his physical power to rapidly dispatch a Dragon Cavalryman. This was enough to stupefy everyone. The majority of the audience had already overlooked the sonic boom Ye Yin Zhu created using his zither.

Ferguson’s eyes shined, matched equally by Nina’s eyes. The Divine Music division cheering squad rose with glittering eyes.

“Divine Music division, go! …  Divine Music division, win!”

The students of the Magic Department finally had a chance to express their feelings, their crazed cheering echoing out unceasingly. The entire audience once again flared up. Only, the protagonist had changed.

Wolfpack battle tactics meant there was no chance to stop. Even though the megatsunami of joyous shouting hadn’t ceased, the second Heavy Cavalry student already charged out from his party. This time, Ye Yin Zhu faced an opponent riding a Maginot Iron Dragon.

A Maginot Iron Dragon was significantly slower than an Earthbound Swift Dragon, but it moved as if it was a mobile fortress. At this moment, the Heavy Cavalry division’s scorn for Ye Yin Zhu had completely vanished. This new student was also at the Intermediate Level Yellow Rank; he pressed forward atop his Maginot Iron Dragon, slowly advancing towards Ye Yin Zhu.

This time, Ye Yin Zhu didn’t wait, instead walking towards his opponent. His stride wasn’t quick at all, resembling a civilian’s sedate pace. The Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance zither that was previously in the crook of his left arm had already returned to his space ring. Unarmed and defenseless, he faced the heavily armed Dragon Cavalryman.

Closer and closer, they approached one another. At this very moment, every spectator held their breath, waiting for another brilliant collision.

AH——” With a thunderous bellow, the five-meter long lance in the sky transformed into the silhouette of a yellow spear. At the same time, the Maginot Iron Dragon’s huge skull knocked against Ye Yin Zhu’s chest.

Ye Yin Zhu’s absolute speed wasn’t very fast, at least several times slower than Sura’s. Even with that, his speed was significantly faster than the Maginot Iron Dragon’s head, which was more widely known for its defensive power. Ye Yin Zhu moved to the side in a flash, evading the Maginot Iron Dragon’s strike, and confronted the dou qi shrouded spear silhouette. His movements were simple and quick, but his actions seemed close to suicidal. He welcomed the sharp lance by leaping up.

With similar yellow dou qi condensing around his right fist, Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes emitted a brilliant radiance as his fist rocketed forward with power, smashing against the spear silhouette.

The Dragon Cavalryman felt the impact as he stabbed forth with his full momentum at the opponent a dozen times with his spear. Except, Ye Yin Zhu’s fist was a direct blow. Regardless of his desire to change his spear’s direction, he was unable to escape the dou qi-shrouded fist. All he could do was condense his own dou qi at the tip of his spear as he firmly struck Ye Yin Zhu’s hard exterior.

The flesh of a fist was incomparable to the sharpness of a cavalryman’s spear. Even with ‘similar’ Yellow Rank dou qi, the outcome appeared to be inevitable.

Suddenly, as the fist narrowly touched the spear. Ye Yin Zhu’s right hand changed; his fist became an open palm and strangely rotated. What should have originally been a direct strike of spear tip against fist changed instantly to Yin Zhu unexpectedly grabbing the spear tip.

The cavalryman, rather than becoming alarmed, was jubilant. Exerting himself and yanking back on the spear with both arms at the same time, he shouted loudly, “Qi!” As long as he could eliminate this Divine Music division’s general, then the rest of the battle was as good as won.

Someone, indeed, was picked up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ye Yin Zhu. As he grabbed the lance in that split second, Ye Yin Zhu’s two legs had already fallen onto the Maginot Iron Dragon’s huge head. Despite the opponent’s massive weight that surpassed the 200 kilogram heavy cavalry, the cavalryman’s exertions generated a force that actually allowed Ye Yin Zhu to lift him off of the Maginot Iron Dragon’s back.

At this very moment, the grace within Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes had already completely disappeared; all that remained was domination. Faint violet light replaced the clarity of his eyes, his black hair fluttering behind him. Although he was far smaller than his opponent, from a spectator’s perspective, he now seemed rather tall.

For the Maginot Iron Dragon, an enemy had suddenly stepped on its head, causing it to bellow angrily as it tried to throw Ye Yin Zhu off. The huge body suddenly turned around. At this moment, it had already sunk into a violent rage.

Ye Yin Zhu lifted the lance in his right hand and stepped forward. In a flash, he moved from the Maginot Iron Dragon’s head to its back. “Be quiet.” With a subdued shout, he heavily stomped his right foot down on the Iron Dragon’s back. The Maginot Iron Dragon, widely known for its defensive power, actually wailed. Its four powerful limbs weakened at the same time, causing it to collapse against the ground on its stomach.

“I concede.” Originally the cavalryman thought he could continue contending against Ye Yin Zhu’s wave of dou qi attacks, but he just saw his Maginot Iron Dragon unexpectedly collapse from a single blow from Ye Yin Zhu. He lost all notions of winning, conceding immediately.

Lance in hand, he gently set the cavalryman on the ground. Ye Yin Zhu, still standing on the Maginot Iron Dragon’s back, already recovered his usual grace. At this moment, he felt somewhat strange; he didn’t know why his strength had unexpectedly increased by so much. Even though his Level 2 Yellow Rank dou qi was equivalent to an Intermediate Level Green Rank, thus placing his dou qi completely above his opponent’s, he had just lifted his opponent and forced a Maginot Iron Dragon to collapse without using any dou qi—only through pure strength. In that split second when his hand had grabbed the lance, he’d clearly felt a warm flow well up from within the depths of his body. He had performed those movements without taking time to think. A frantic power seemed to pass through his body, and the depths of his clear eyes were now more than a touch violet.

“Dean Nina, it would be better for your Divine Music division to give this student to our Heavy Sword Warrior division. Letting him stay with your Divine Music division would just waste such good talent.” A hunchbacked old man with a wretched appearance spoke up from behind Nina.

Nina snorted. “In your dreams! Lao Houzi, why don’t you have Nesta come over here? He is publicly known as a genius warrior.”

The one called Lao Houzi, the Dean of the Heavy Sword Warrior division, laughed mischievously and said, “Tie Bi; that guy is a monster. Today’s match is really odd. Your Magic Department student actually relied on Martial Arts to defeat our Warrior Department. It makes me feel such grief!”
“It wasn’t Martial Arts; it was power, pure power.” Having not spoken since the beginning to now, Dean Tie Bi of the Heavy Cavalry division coldly stated these words. Even though his voice was ice-cold, he looked at Ye Yin Zhu with a somewhat scorching gaze. This gaze wasn’t because his students were losing the match or because he was angry.

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