[C102] ZE Chapter 26.2


Chapter 26 – Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither’s Power (II)


Angel disdainfully looked at Ye Yin Zhu, and Yin Zhu now realized that despite the smile on her face, her eyes had been ice-cold all along. They inflicted a frightening, deathly stillness that made his whole body uncontrollably tremble.

Violet Rank Level 8! On this entire continent, both of them could be said to be experts at the absolute peak. Regardless of Ye Yin Zhu’s previous Yellow Bamboo Level 2 and his current Yellow Bamboo Level 5, confronting a super-powerful Violet Rank Level 8 expert then and now would be the same.

Perhaps because she saw that Ye Yin Zhu was alright, Anya’s imposing manner grew extensively. Her body flashed, leaping off the edge of the gigantic hole to pounce at Angel on the other side. She didn’t want to give Angel another chance to act against Ye Yin Zhu. As she flew towards Angel, she shouted tenderly, “Yin Zhu, run away! Head to the south and return to the institution!”


The two streaks of violet light suddenly collided. Ye Yin Zhu could only watch on as the two phantoms appeared to use all of their magic and dou qi. The frantic energy undulations exuded by the two women’s collision led to an explosion at the center that devastated the surrounding environment. That tremendously destructive energy seemed to tear the whole world asunder.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t run away, instead sitting down. Making him abandon Anya… it was just impossible for him to leave by himself. In his mind, he basically was unable to fight or retreat. He knew of the strength of Anya’s opponent though, yet he also unconditionally couldn’t abandon Anya and leave. Furthermore, Anya’s strength was currently inferior to Angel’s.

The faintly distressed, dazzlingly beautiful orange Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither quietly appeared above Ye Yin Zhu’s knees.

Even if this wasn’t the first time he had seen it, looking at the pleasing sight touched Ye Yin Zhu’s heart once more.

Both his hands stroked the strings as he naturally discarded the outside world. This zither soul’s strings were supple and strong, glistening with gem-like luster. Seven identical strings of spiritual energy flowed deep into Ye Yin Zhu’s heart—the strings being the sorrow of the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls.

Eight fingers sorrowfully plucked out a rhythm, candid and clear just like the chiming of the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither notes as they echoed out. Lacking the gloominess it previously held, it currently contained a clarity with its distant bell-like chimes. It seemed as though it really were a waterfall, yet the music was, in truth, full of a majestic air similar to that of an imposing spire.

Each string, each zither note, felt entirely different when coming from the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither. It no longer made people listen attentively to the music; the zither notes instead echoed deep into their hearts.

Ye Yin Zhu played the song << High Mountains and Running Water >>. This zither song was one he had previously practiced for an awfully long time. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to play << High Mountains and Running Water >> to perfection. He could now accomplish this, and it wasn’t because of his Zither Heart Realm advancement, but because of the zither; above his knees was the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither.

It allowed him to bring << High Mountains and Running Water >> to the realm of perfection, and this was all because of the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither.

The Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither, a Divine ranked zither, and this zither song << High Mountains and Running Water >>.

Benevolent music of the mountains, the sage music of the water; this was the true essence of the song, << High Mountains and Running Water >>.

A layer of yellow magic quietly entered the music. With Ye Yin Zhu as the center, it continuously expanded and enveloped the land.

The Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither was extremely remarkable. Its tone was incomparable with any guqin Ye Yin Zhu had previously played. The heartstrings and zither strings were in perfect sync, making him able to seize every note with the simplest of changes. Both hands unceasingly changed into all kinds of gestures. Using the glissando and arpeggio special playing method, the music gradually pushed towards its climax.

To Angel, << High Mountains and Running Water >> resembled the monastic practice of the morning bell and evening drum, unceasingly aweing her heartstrings. She suddenly found herself unable to concentrate on her current battle. Hidden in the abyss of her mind, memories gradually rose to the forefront. She seemed to be looking at her and Anya’s childhood. She was back in their carefree life in the Elven Forest, looking around at beauty of the Elven Forest. All in all, it was a harmony of nature.

As this unwittingly occurred in her mind, the dou qi and magic within her body rapidly weakened and weakened. Her body seemed to have slowed down. Facing Anya’s assault, resistance became increasingly difficult. This oddity was something Angel had no way of sensing. At this moment, she could only hear the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls play the song, << High Mountains and Running Water >>.

The same music had the opposite effect on Anya upon hearing it. Her originally depleted dou qi and magic was stimulated by << High Mountains and Running Water >>, circulating at an increasingly frequency. All kinds of magical elements resided in the air, flying towards her at lightning speed and condensing around her. All attributes of her body increased several folds.

Accompanied by the gradually quickening and incomparably pleasant zither music, Anya amazingly found herself dancing with the zither music instead of attacking her adversary. The tyrannical rays of Angel’s violet light had been completely suppressed, and Angel was forced to retreat step by step.

At this moment, Ye Yin Zhu’s gestures changed, and the powerful, high majestic mountains in the music faded away, replaced by the chiming hum of water flowing down and falling back to the earth. “Seventy-Two Glissandi of Running Water” was this << High Mountains and Running Water >> song’s most important technique. This was the first time Ye Yin Zhu had tried this technique, and he played it without any delay.

All eight fingers flowed smoothly, the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither’s rhythm likened to that of moving clouds and flowing streams of nature. The gradation of zither music immediately reached the climax of the song. Both of Anya’s hands at this time rested on Angel’s body.

Smothering a groan, Angel’s body flew back like an arrow, knocking over a dozen or so trees before falling to the ground. Blood trickled out of her mouth, her complexion immediately becoming deathly pale.

The pleasant lingering effect of running water drifted through the air as Ye Yin Zhu’s hands gently rose from the strings, allowing the soft stubborn notes fade away.

Taking a deep breath, he could still feel the coziness of the warmth in his body that had promoted him to Yellow Bamboo Level 5. The Divine ranked Waterfall of Connecting Pearls not only allowed him to perfectly play << High Mountains and Running Water >>, it also enabled his zither magic advancement rate to maximize.

Ye Yin Zhu’s magic was merely equivalent to Primary Level Green Rank, and the difference between he and Violet Rank Level 8 was too grand. When the zither music ended, Anya and Angel both sobered from the music’s intoxication.

“No, this couldn’t have happened.” Angel coughed another mouthful of blood, her face distrustfully looking at the distant Ye Yin Zhu. At his moment, her fathomless eyes held some confusion and an indescribable strangeness.

Anya was amazed that she’d defeated Angel. Looking down at her hands, she was astonished to discover the remnants of her finished battle with Angel. Within her body, her dou qi and magic weren’t as depleted as she’d assumed; they were even slowly recovering. She had no need to ask why. She should have lost to her sister, but Ye Yin Zhu’s fantastic music helped her prevail over Angel.

“You lost. That’s fact.” Anya coldly glared at Angel.

Angel stood up with some difficulty. “I lost, right. I lost. I have not lost to you, however, but to him. It was his zither. Yet, how did this happen? The disparity between his spiritual force and ours is incalculable. How did his zither still influence me?

Anya’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, but that icy, homicidal light rapidly disappeared. She lightly exclaimed, “Leave behind the Elixir of Life, and you can go. I don’t want to see you again. I also won’t kill you.”

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